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Lex Overtoom, 20 years old, born in the rural area of Amsterdam. Since the age of 12 Lex has been truly passionate about photography and filmmaking. What started as messing around with his fathers DSLR

has become a fulltime career.

Lex has attended the Mediacollege Amsterdam, studying Audiovisual. Due to a proactive lifestyle and mindset, Lex was the first student in 75 years to finish the 4 year study in 3 years. During those 3 years he has started his own company and toured through Europe and beyond with renowned DJ Fedde Le Grand. In the mean time Lex has worked with numerous amazing people, companies and brands. Creating still and moving images with love and passion. 

Today Lex enters the international fashion and lifestyle industry. He strives for a greater life, learning and meeting amazing people along the way.


Nothing is impossible, so let's see what we're capable of