Make your first move - nike underwear

Together with ex soccer player Tim Maandag and DFTD agency, I got the opportunity that I have dreamt of since I was kid, working with Nike. Even though our video was a small part of a massive campaign, we are proud to present it. 

OG Heroes

Sponsor introduction - Pippa van Iersel

Pippa is one the best kitesurfers around but unfortunately suffered an injury to her right knee during a competition.

She landed with a force of 11g’s, which tore her ACL.


This injury is not only hard on her physically but also mentally.


In this video I want to convey the emotion and struggle she is facing, while also showing her strength to keep going and get back out there.

silk di Laurentia

The Flow Of Elegance

For the 2021 collection of silk di Laurentia, we created a campaign that was all about the flow of the silk dresses.

Flow is an essential part in creating a silk dress. A good silk dress has a beautiful and elegant flow to it.


To show this we created a campaign that showed the flow and elegance of woman and her dress.


Social Campaign | Fenix 6 series

Together with the guys from Dudes From The Dam we created a campaign for the new Garmin Fenix 6 watches.

The Fenix 6 is a watch Garmin created to bridge the gap between a adventure sports watch and an everyday fashion watch. To show that we highlighted 3 different parts of the day in which the watch has a role.

Menno Bark

Workout Motivation

Menno Bark has always been known for being the personal trainer of DJ Martin Garrix, but now he is building his own brand and soon even opening his own gym!


For this film we wanted to inspire people to get off their asses and start making a change, because if not now, then when?!

Flowers are forever

2021 Commercial 

Flowers are forever is a company that sells dried flowers all over the planet.

For this commercial they approached me with an open mind.

they told me all about their product and the company itself. Based on that I created this commercial.


The flowers represent the life in the house. They're the characters of the film. Warm, sensitive and soft.



Alkmaar is home to some of the biggest IT companies in the Netherlands. "IT=Alkmaar" is a gathering of those companies in which they work together to become the silicon valley of Europe.


For this campaign IT=Alkmaar wanted to attract talented people from the Randstad to come work in Alkmaar.


To do this we went on to show how amazing Alkmaar is and how much potential and growth can be found in Alkmaar.

Fedde Le Grand

Recap August weekend 1

In the summer of 2019 I toured with DJ Fedde Le Grand.


This video recaps the first weekend of August, where Fedde perfomed hard at Ohrid Calling, Macedonia and Untold, Romania

Blasterjaxx X Ubisoft

Watch Dogs Legion theme song

For this project we made multiple pieces of content to promote the theme song for the new Ubisoft game Watch Dogs Legion.


The guys from Blasterjaxx explain how they created the track and what the thought process was. 

MHK Keuken Expert 

MHK x Tjitze van der Dam

Every year MHK KeukenExpert announces a new top chef to be the face of the brand. This year the lucky Chef cook Tjitze van der Dam was chosen to be the new face for 2020. 

For this project we made 7 cooking video's and 1 commercial. 

One of the advantages of shooting with a chef, is the heavinly food between takes...

Concept/direction: Woeler, MHK Keukenexpert