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Lex Overtoom, 23 years old, born in a small Dutch village.

About 11 years ago now, I often found myself bored in weekends with no idea what to do. Until one day I looked outside at my brother who as always was slugging away trying to get his Johnson 5HP outboard motor to work. I noticed his focus and enjoyment, the true passion. So vivid that even 12 year old me could recognize it. Thats when I decided that I wanted to find something like that too. Something that I liked so much that I want to spend every moment of every day thinking about and grinding away at.


After two years of what I now know as soul searching, I found it. It was gonna be photography.

I picked up my dad's dslr camera and started shooting everything, from ducks and birds to my brother looking intensely annoyed after the 8th time his little annoying brother crept around the corner again wanting to test out this new thing he learned on youtube.

This progressed more and more. I started an instagram page, bought my first gear and started to get photo assignments. I got into photo/film school, started shooting festivals and touring with DJ's. Then became the first student to complete the 4 year study in 3 years.

So far, so good!

But then... lockdown, extreme isolation. 

All of a sudden this momentum I had built came to a stop. It forced me into a lot of self reflection.

I realised that being a photographer was not just about making pritty pictures. It had become my way of life, a medium for me to explore my interests and experience life in the most meaningful, exciting and limitless way.

I used to struggle with the question "so what type of photographer are you?".

But I realised that putting myself in a box like that is much too shallow. For me it's much more than that.

I'm not just a photographer.

I'm a creative human being who uses a medium to communicate a message.

My mission is to inspire people with passion, the same way my brother inspired me with his.

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TEL: +31 6 22 33 34 66 



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