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Project Iceman


Limitations are Perception. Iceman Anders Hofman lives by this. with this strong mindset, Anders managed to complete the very first Ironman on Antartica!

I met Anders at the documentary shoot with the original Ice man Wim Hof.

We got along well, so a couple weeks later I flew out to Lanzarote to spend 4 days with him and his crew and photograph him.

Anders Comes to Lanzarote almost all year round to train at the triathlon training facility Club La Santa.

For this shoot I wanted to highlight all the 3 disciplines that are challenged by an Ironman triathlon. also I wanted to feature where Anders is going in the future.

At the age of 32 Anders dares to fully commit him self to becoming a professional soccer player. Many would say he's way too old to start such a career,

but not Anders.


Remember... his life motto goes "Limitations are perceptions"


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